St. Luke's Anglican Church:
Traditional Service from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer

Attending a Karen New Year's Celebration 2017.

Children's Bible Study: The Lord's Prayer.

Children's Bible Study: You Can be Transformed by Jesus Christ.

Children's Bible Study: "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow."

After Holy Communion, Ordinary Time

Fr. Rick baptizes two young Anglicans.

Altar, red as in Pentecost

Joyce Fritz, one of the founders of St. Luke's, our expert seamstress who made our altar cloths.

Robert Fritz, one of the founders of St. Lukes's, with Deacon David.

Bishop John during one of his visits.

Fr. Rick during his Easter Sunday sermon, 2016

Fr. Rick with some of us, Easter Sunday, 2016

Bishop John ordains Deacon David.

Three sisters in Christ.

Sarah cutting the cake during the Feast Day of St. Luke, 2015

Cannon Terrence Keller and his wife, Patricia Keller, visiting St. Lukes.

A few of us waiting to see Archbishop Stephen Than Myint Oo of the Province of Myanmar.

Archbishop Stephen of Myanmar sits during Holy Communion from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer in Karen, a language of the people of Myanmar. Fr. Daniel reads.

Some of us with Cannon Keller and his wife, Patricia, during their visit to St. Luke's.

Bishop Vaughn during his visit to confirm August Say.

St. Luke's altar during ordinary time.

Fr. Lukio, a retired Anglican Priest from All Saint's Cathedral in Nairobi, Kenya, visits St. Luke's.

Canon Jonanthan Filkins during a visit to St. Luke's.

Trudy, our organist.